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The Relational Experience Platform



Our mission drives everything we do:

"Helping people and organizations thrive."

The Facts

Employees spend more waking hours at work than with family.

In exchange, people want more than a paycheck; they expect their employers to provide meaningful experiences and the conditions necessary for a greater sense of purpose, fulfillment, and impact.

Many studies indicate that the cost of toxic workplaces is far greater than most realize — both in terms of employees' psychological well-being and the company's financial success. The evidence is clear that a healthy workplace is no longer simply a nice-to-have; it is high time for employers to reexamine how talent is managed.


We believe the world would be a better place if people enjoyed their jobs.


Companies without people analytics are at a competitive disadvantage, as many barriers to success are subtle and go unnoticed. We believe a data-informed approach to improving employee well-being and the success of organizations should not be limited to a small number of companies with the means of hiring expensive data scientists or purchasing multiple best-of-breed SaaS platforms.


Our goal is to democratize people data and analytics. We won't rest until leaders in companies large and small gain access to a comprehensive people analytics capability.


In business, transactional experiences are never a good long-term strategy. In our emerging experience economy, consumers want long-term relational experiences.

This need for an emotional connection applies not only to customers, but to organizations’ employees as well. Increasingly, employees demand more meaningful experiences from their employers – positive relational experiences.

Companies that are more human are far more successful. With the right information, companies can cultivate relationships leading to healthier, happier, and more productive employees – and improve their bottom lines in the process.

Trust &

Trust & Integrity

Trust is the cornerstone of great leadership. At OrgAcuity, we have a culture of trust and integrity, which enables us to bring our authentic selves to every situation, have real conversations, and hold one another accountable for always doing what is right – even when it is not what is easy.



We are motivated by a higher purpose. We believe work should be better and that all people should be treated with dignity and respect. We want people to thrive in work and life, fully unleashing their unique gifts to maximize meaning, impact, and fulfillment. Our technology is designed to surface the often subtle barriers to realizing these benefits.



Everything we do is done with excellence. From the way we design our solutions to maximize impact to the technical implementation of ideas and superior support we provide our customers, we give our best to all we do.

Core Values

Our core values are more than statements on a wall; they guide everything we do.

Relationships Matter

Relationships Matter

As a relational analytics company, we take our relationships very seriously. We are in the business of helping organizations build healthier, happier, and more productive environments, and it starts with how we show up and engage with our team, customers, and partners.

Open Communication

Open Communication

As it relates to our technology, we take pride in giving employees a voice who may not otherwise have one. Within OrgAcuity, cultivating a climate of psychological safety is a top priority as well. We encourage prosocial behavior and dissenting opinions. Our people not only have a voice; we truly listen when they speak.



We have a team of remarkably talented people, and we are intentional about always learning from those around us – our team, customers, and partners. We hire the best and brightest to help scale our impact to organizations across the globe, and humility is a non-negotiable; it’s one of the most important attributes we seek when evaluating candidates for roles on our team.

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