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Hello World: Introducing OrgAcuity

People Analytics. For All.


In our new norm and rapidly evolving future of work, employees often feel disconnected and need a voice more than ever before. The employee experience has been fundamentally transformed — nearly overnight — and the relational and cultural impacts of remote work on business critical outcomes such as productivity and innovation are significant. The importance of business leaders gaining a 20/20 view of subtle dynamics influencing success took center stage in 2020, and this isn’t likely to change.

Companies without a People Analytics capability are at a competitive disadvantage. Many barriers to success go unnoticed and unaddressed, resulting in costly productivity drops and the loss of key talent. Unfortunately, the trend is increasingly that vendor solutions in the HR tech space are price prohibitive for the majority of organizations. This is especially true in our current environment, in which companies are facing increased expense management pressures and organizations are forced to consider funding cuts for much-needed Employee Experience programs.

OrgAcuity was formed because we feel strongly that a data-driven approach to improving employee well-being and the success of organizations should not be limited to a relatively small number of companies with the means of purchasing costly technology or hiring expensive data scientists.

Moreover, we believe companies that can make the investment in costly vendor solutions are largely paying too much for too little. Our founding team of People Analytics leaders have experienced this first hand over the past five years as the vendor landscape has rapidly expanded. Commercial interests have led to vendors convincing organizations to pay a six-figure subscription fee for annual engagement surveys through the use of “AI” snake oil. Other vendors are charging tens of thousands of dollars for reports containing nothing more than rudimentary response and favorability metrics, along with word clouds revealing the not-so-profound insight that employees use words like "the", "and", "in", and "for" most frequently when providing feedback.

Organizations deserve better. We have rallied leading People Analytics experts, I-O Psychologists, and Data Scientists this year because we are serious about transforming this industry and making People Analytics Tech available to all.

We won’t rest until every company — from the 500 employee family-run business to the multi-billion dollar Fortune 500 corporation — has a top-tier People Analytics capability at a reasonable price.

Our Platform

A key element of building an accessible platform was ensuring our customers would not need advanced degrees in quantitative fields to interpret and take action on results. We believe people analytics is most impactful when the task of wrangling data and crunching numbers is offloaded to a vendor so that organizations can fully channel efforts towards what is most important: taking action. We have built a platform backed by science that will surface key insights about the relational experiences of your workforce in the form of simple, non-technical narratives within beautiful, real-time dashboards. We also recognize the challenges HR often faces in securing the necessary support from IT to implement new technology solutions, which is why we have designed our platform to be as painless to implement as one can be.

To be clear, we are not just another employee survey vendor. We have curated the best of employee listening and People Analytics within a unified and highly intuitive platform: employee experience surveys, organizational network analysis, text analytics, predictive attrition, diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) insights, leader and culture assessments, business impact analysis, and much more. While each component has value in its own right, the unique integration of these often disparate domains, bundled with an intelligent alert system and a powerful search engine for fast and easy answers, sets our platform apart.

In addition, we have a set of ground-breaking new features on our product roadmap for 2021 and beyond that will drive incremental value for the organizations we serve. Non-negotiables for us are always data privacy and security, which is why our solution was built in the cloud using the most secure and leading-edge technologies.

Why We’re Different

Why are we uniquely positioned to provide more for less? Our formation and business model are non-traditional and largely attributed to the intrinsic motivation and desire of the People Analytics community to do good in the world. Experts in People Analytics from some of the world’s largest and most admired companies have contributed significant time and resources to help design, develop, and now launch this state-of-the-art platform. While 2020 was an incredibly difficult year on multiple fronts, the additional time quarantined indoors was channeled into something truly remarkable, and organizations around the world will be the beneficiaries.

We very intentionally bootstrapped this company. We have been laser-focused on optimizing our operating model and keeping our expenses to an absolute minimum so that we can pass on these savings to our customers. We have not accepted capital from a single investor and have no debt. We do not lease office space in expensive locations such as Silicon Valley or NYC – or at all. We are a tech company that uses tech to the fullest to minimize operating expenses and expand our reach. Since we do not work for shareholder returns or to settle liabilities, we are solely focused on advancing our mission of building healthier, happier, and more productive organizations around the world.

We have a core team dedicated to making it simple for organizations to implement our technology and begin taking steps to improve outcomes that matter most. In addition, we have a growing and powerful network of Adjunct People Science Consultants from leading People Analytics functions to help us scale and ensure our customers have the guidance needed to realize the full value of our platform. These talented professionals feel the same way we do about current vendor pricing and solutions, and are passionate about disrupting this industry to make advanced People Analytics accessible to all.

OrgAcuity is more than a company; it is a movement that will accelerate the impact of people analytics globally and fundamentally transform the vendor landscape.

OrgAcuity is proof that passion and purpose can accomplish a lot of good in the world, and we are committed to providing the diagnostic and prescriptive insights needed for people and organizations to thrive. We would love the opportunity to partner with you to help enhance your organization’s health, happiness, and productivity. Contact us today for a demo, and experience what makes OrgAcuity different.

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