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The Relational Experience Platform


The Problem

HR professionals generally do not aspire to be survey administrators, data wranglers, model builders, or dashboard developers.

Yet, most organizations do not have the luxury of large people analytics teams to gather data from across multiple vendor platforms and generate holistic diagnostic and prescriptive insights for decision makers.

Comprehensive people insights should be more accessible to organizations.

Our Solution

Our revolutionary Relational Experience Platform strategically integrates relational analytics, experience and lifecycle surveys, predictive attrition, business driver impact analysis, Generative AI, and smarter, derived features from your systems — all within an elegant and highly intuitive interface.

Digital Network

We are defining a new category of people analytics ...

Relational Experience

... to help organizations understand and optimize both human and social capital.

Our turnkey solution was built on the premise that relationships are the key to understanding the subtle dynamics influencing success in organizations; that is, relationships between leaders and followers, events and experiences, values and behaviors, individual and organizational goals, and the social network interactions shaping perceptions and intentions across the employee journey.

We don't unify data from independent systems and vendor platforms and then leave it to you to figure out how to assemble a complete picture. Our platform generates connected and carefully curated insights that enable you to spend more time partnering with business leaders on data-informed strategies to help your people flourish.


Comprehensive relational intelligence through simple narratives and beautiful visualizations 


Different by Design

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Empower Your Leaders

Empower Your Leaders

Research on organizational change has shown that successful transformations are more likely when people are empowered to drive change themselves. This is why we provide every leader across your organization with a suite of intuitive, tailored insights about their team. Every leader with a sufficient number of respondents gains access to real-time dashboards so that they can immediately begin taking action.

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Uncover Subtle Patterns

Uncover Subtle Patterns

Our proprietary pattern recognition technology provides comprehensive intelligence about the hidden dynamics influencing your success. Our flexible machine learning models learn from your organization’s unique data, detecting subtle signals and patterns in sentiments, events, changes, variable interactions, and social network dynamics.

The process is simple.

Employee Journey Analytics

Surface how relationships and experiences early in the employee lifecycle influence behaviors across time

Employee Experience

Identify drivers of favorable and unfavorable experiences across segments of your employee population

Diversity & Inclusion

Understand how inclusive the workplace is for employees with diverse backgrounds

Predictive Attrition

Proactively flag at-risk employees where the projected impact of attrition is greatest

Org Network Analysis

Discover your key SMEs, advisors, career coachers, and hidden stars

Culture Insights

Identify where and to what extent employees are living the organization's core values

Leadership Effectiveness

Surface differences in the quality of leaders’ relationships with direct and skip-level reports

Topic & Sentiment Analysis

Extract prevalent topics and sentiments from your employees' comments

Business Impact Analysis

Quantify how employee experiences impact your bottom line


One Platform. Vast Insight.

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